Paprika Bell Pepper 3D model

Bell Pepper 3D model

Bell Pepper Paprika 3D model is available here:

    • General

This is a 3d model of a generic paprika bell pepper. It was modeled and prepared for photorealistic renderings, close-ups, stills and animation. The bell pepper model is ready to be inserted in your scene out of the box.

    • Meshes

The pimento pepper model is presented as single mesh in 2 versions. Mesh is quad based. Base model polycount is 3297. High detail model included in .max and .obj formats. High detail model has 808k quads.

    • Materials

.max 2014 files come with corona(1.5) and vray(3.4) materials. Other versions have basic materials, so you will need to adjust them in connection with your particular software.

    • Maps

5 maps are supplied with this model. 8192×8192 PNGs and downsampled versions in 2048×2048 JPGs. The maps include ao, diffuse, specular, normal, displacement. A 16K diffuse texture is also included. The pimiento pepper model is uvw unwrapped.

    • Formats

The original file was created in 3ds Max 2014 with Corona and Vray materials (1.5 and 3.4). You will receive a 3DS, OBJ, LWO, FBX, SKP, C4D, 3DM and MAX file(2014). If you need any other format please enquire via 3Docean.

    • Information

All preview images were rendered with Corona. You will get only the paprika bell and not the scenes used for the preview renders. Please also take into consideration that the preview images are the result of the post-production and the look of bell pepper 3d model in your scene may differ due to the specific settings of your own scene. Product is ready to render out-of-the-box. Please note that the lights, cameras, and any background not described above objects are not included in the product. The model is clean and alone in the provided files, centred at origin and has real-world scale.

Bell Pepper 3D modelBell Pepper 3D modelBell Pepper 3D modelZB3D_Paprika_001_3D_model_preview_005ZB3D_Paprika_001_3D_model_preview_006