Old Key 3D model


Old Vintage Antique Golden Key 3D model is available here:


    • General

This is the model of a generic antique golden key. It was modelled and prepared for photo-realistic renderings, close-ups, CG visualization. The realistic old style passkey is ready to be inserted in your scene out of the box.

    • Meshes

The opener key 3d model is presented as single mesh. There are 2 versions of mesh for this key. One is continuous flow quad based geometry(130K quads) and the other one is inter-penetrating pieces of geometry, quad based as well(166K quads).

    • Vray Materials

As this model was primary created for vray render engine(3ds max), the vray version of the file contains also properly configured and assigned materials for the latchkey. There are 5 gold vray materials included. Other versions have basic materials, so you will need to adjust them in connection with your particular software.

    • Maps

2 maps are being used by this model, 2K, included. UVW mapping is basic.

    • Formats

The original file was created in 3ds Max 2014 with V-Ray materials (2.0 and above). You will receive a 3DS, OBJ, SKP, LWO, FBX, C4D and MAX file. If you need any other format please inquire via 3Docean.

    • Information

All preview images were rendered with V-Ray. You will get only the key 3D model in 2 versions and not the scenes used for the preview renders. Please also take into consideration that the preview images are the result of the post-production and the look of the skeleton key in your scene may differ due to the specific settings of your own scene. Product is ready to render out-of-the-box. Please note that the lights, cameras, and any background not described above objects are not included in the product. The model is clean and alone in the provided files, centred at the origin and has real-world scale.

Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_002 Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_003 Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_004 Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_005 Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_006 Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_007 Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_008 Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_009 Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_010 Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_011 Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_012 Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_013 Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_014 Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_015 Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_016 Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_017 Golden_key_antique_old_new_brass_yellow_shiny_rough_vintage_classic_018

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